Creating success for our members by transforming applied research into business advantages

CCAM’s initial focus is on surface engineering and manufacturing systems.

Surface Engineering

Surface engineering alters material surfaces to provide properties not originally inherent in the material. Automotive, aerospace/aeronautical, energy,
electronics, biomedical, textile, petroleum, materials manufacturing and construction industries all have surface engineering needs.

CCAM will:

  • Develop new and advanced surface engineering systems and processes that will deliver desired surface properties cost-effectively.
  • Evaluate and assess surface and part properties to understand relationships between process parameters and resulting part properties.
  • Simulate manufacturing processes so that virtual design becomes an accepted industry practice.

Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing systems efficiently integrate processes associated with the conceptualization, design, production and service of manufactured parts. CCAM manufacturing systems research will increase product integrity, competitiveness, performance and time-to-market.

Research will include:

  • Computer-aided manufacturing
  • Computer-aided process planning
  • Production execution
  • Virtual manufacturing systems
  • Integration of manufacturing data into the design process
  • Additive manufacturing processes and opportunities

Generic vs. Directed Research

Most CCAM members will have access to the results of generic research – funded and guided by the membership to address the needs of a broad spectrum of industry members.

Organizing Members and Tier 1 Members (see Members) can also perform directed research, allowing a member to work with CCAM staff on projects that address the specific needs of that member.