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CCAM’s 62,000 square-foot facility houses computational and large-scale production labs, as well as open production space for heavy equipment and surface coating processes.

Existing capability includes:

  • MachiningHermle 5-axis Mill-turn Machining Center
    • Large Capacity Turning Center
    • Multi-Axis Machining Centers
    • Wire EDM
  • Surface Modification
    • Media blast (small & large scale, manual & robotic)
    • Laser Ablation
  • Additive Processing
    • Robotic Laser Powder Deposition
    • Metallic Laser Powder Bed 3D Printing
  • Coating
    • Thermal Spray – Plasma (Ceramic, Metallic)
  • Measurement, Review & SimulationIMG_6001 CMM_800x533
    • Large Frame CMM
    • Portable CMM
    • 3D Laser Modeling
    • Metallography Lab
    • Optical, Digital & Confocal Microscopy
    • 3D Visualization Lab